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Forms and Legal Documents

Affidavit Forms   Deed Forms
  Affidavit For Exemption Under Section 253 Of The Tax Law
Affidavit in Lieu of Registration (10/09)
  Affidavit Under Section 255 Tax Law
  Affidavit Under Section 275 Tax Law
  Extension Agreement Section 255
  Grantee/Grantor: No Judgments (RET037)
  Judgment Affidavit (RET038)
  Survey Affidavit
  Affidavit of Title
 Administrator's (NY016)
 Bargain & Sale with Covenant (NY005)
 Bargain & Sale without Covenant (NY030)
 Executor's (NY025)
 Full Covenant & Warranty (NY014)
 Quitclaim (NY018)
Business Entity Forms
HUD Forms
 Certificate of Director’s Resolution to Mortgage Corp. Property (NY026)
 Consent of Stockholders to Sale or Lease (NY028)
 LLC Certificate of Authority
HUD Forms - Site Link
 HUD-1 (Purchaser)
 HUD-1A (Refinance)

Contract of Sale Forms

Recording Cover Page Forms
  Amended 1975 (NY023)
 Condominium (NY068)
 Cooperative 1989 (NY067)
Cooperative 2001
  Residential (NY010)
  Plain English (NY008)
  Orange County
  Putnam County
  Suffolk County
  Westchester County

Mortgage Forms

Miscellaneous Forms
 Assignment of Mortgage without Covenant (NY029)
 Assignment of Mortgage with Covenant (NY029b)
 Bond (NY022)
 Collateral Assignment Of Leases And Rents
 Consolidation Extension Agreement (NY007)
 Extension Agreement (NY027)
 First Mortgage(NY013)
 Lienor's Estoppel Certificate (NY024)
 Mortgage Note (NY003)
 Release of Part of Mortgages Premises (NY009)
 Satisfaction of Mortgage (NY015)
 Splitter Agreement
 Spreader Agreement
 Subordinate Agreement (NY020)
 Subordinate Mortgage (NY012)
 Termination of Assignment Leases and Rents
  Application for Withholding Certificate for Dispositions(IRS 8288-B)
  Closing Statement (NY031)
 General Release - Corporation
 General Release - Individual
 Lead Paint Disclosure
 Preliminary Residential Property Transfer Form (OHP-515)
 Power of Attorney September 12, 2010
 POA-1 Power of Attorney (NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance form 9/10 - Not for Real Property Transfers)
 New York Statutory Gifts Rider September 12, 2010
 Property Conditional Disclosure
 Registration for Water & Sewer billing - NYC

Transfer Tax Forms

UCC Forms

New York City

 NYC Real Property Transfer Report (RP-5217NYC)
 Real Property Transfer Tax Return / Smoke DetectorCompliance (NYC-RPT)
 Real Property Transfer Tax Return / Smoke DetectorCompliance Instructions (NYC-RPT-I)

New York State

 Certification For Deed & Nonresident Estimated Income Tax (IT-2663) 2018
 Certification For Deed & Nonresident Estimated Income Tax Instructions (IT-2663-I) 2018
 Certification For Deed & Nonresident COOP Unit Estimated Income Tax (IT-2664) 2018
 Combined Real Estate Transfer Tax Return & Credit LineMortgage Certificate (TP-584)
 Combined Real Estate Transfer Tax Return & Credit LineMortgage Cert. Instructions (TP-584-I)
 Real Estate Transfer Tax Return Supplemental Schedules(TP-584.1)
 Real Estate Transfer Tax Claim for Refund (TP-592.2)


 COUNTY Real Property Transfer Report (RP-5217COUNTY)
 SUFFOLK County Real Property Transfer Report (RP-5217SUFFOLK)
 Mount Vernon Transfer Tax
 Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund (12-0213)
 Warwick Transfer Tax
 Red Hook Transfer Tax
 Yonkers Transfer Tax
 Peekskill Transfer Tax
 NY Department of State Uniform Commercial Code Forms- Site Link
 UCC Financing Statement (Form UCC1)
 UCC Financing Statement Addendum (Form UCC1Ad)
 UCC Financing Statement Additional Party (Form UCC1AP)
 UCC Financing Statement Amendment (Form UCC3)
 National UCC Financing Statement AmendmentAddendum (Form UCC3Ad)
 UCC Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party (Form UCC3AP)
 New York UCC Financing Statement CooperativeAddendum (Form UCC1CAd)
 National Correction Statement (Form UCC5)
 National Information Request (Form UCC11)

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