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The Strength, Reliability and Expertise of an underwriter with the
Service, Care and Attention of your neighborhood title company.
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Nassau 1415 Kellum Place
Garden City, NY 11530
Tel: 516-741-5050

News And Information
NY Title Insurance Agent Licensing Law Q&A
  • Who Must be Licensed?
  • When do I Need a Sub‐licensee, What Is Their Role and Who Can Be One?
  • Can I Share Commisions?
  • What is a Premium Account and When Do I Need One?
  • What are the Penalties for a Violation of the Law?
  • And More. . .

What to expect at a closing
You’ve found the home you want, and your offer was accepted! Here are a few basics to help you understand the steps before the keys to the front door are placed in your hand...

Why buyers need an Owners Policy
When that dream is finally realized, why wouldn’t you take every precaution to protect it?

Why Title Insurance for a Refinance?
Take the final steps toward better financing and ongoing title protection by learning what you need to know about title insurance for a refinance...

A Little About Us
Fidelity National Title’s reputation in the real estate industry is unmatched, and our service is second to none. Fidelity National Title takes pride in providing our customers with a commitment to the highest quality of service with our primary focus on achieving the goals and objectives of our clients. In addition to residential deals, we have worked on and insured numerous commercial high liability projects throughout the metropolitan area.

FNF Title International - our national division, provides the most expansive coverage to lenders and investors against property title and mortgage finance risks. FNF’s underwriters are pleased to introduce “Owners Equity “ Insurance to provide investors financial protection against risks related to transfer of shares or membership interests in corporations.

Our expertise in global real estate transactions, customized title policies tailored to local markets, and industry-leading financial reserves offers you the service, solutions, and strength you need for a successful real estate transaction.
Some Of Our Services and Benefits
  • State wide closing offices for clients use
  • The ability to underwrite both Fidelity and Chicago title policies and co-insure large commercial transactions from one office.
  • EC Purchasing: As a Fortune 500 company, Fidelity has negotiated significantly discounted prices available to a select few organizations. By helping our customers link to Fidelity’s buying power, EC Purchasing will reduce your expenses and increase your profits at no cost. It’s one more way we can add value to our business relationship with you; discounts range from 20-50%.
  • Strong and knowledgeable legal team available to help on all of your purchase, refinance and sale transactions.

485 Lexington Ave., 18th Fl.
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212-481-5858
Fax: 212-481-8747
1415 Kellum Place
Garden City, NY 11530
Tel: 516-741-5050
Fax: 516-741-5363
24 Commerce Drive
Riverhead, NY 11901
Fax: 631-727-0606
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